Midtown Tulsa Crowns

Midtown Tulsa Crowns

Were you looking for a dentist office to put in a crown in Midtown Tulsa? You’ve come to the right place! We love living here and we want nothing more than to provide excellent care. The people of this area are truly amazing, so whether your needs involve children or adults they will be met with kindness at our clinic thanks to everyone who works together each day towards better oral health awareness initiatives within the community without fail!! Not only do customers receive quality services but an experience filled happiness as well


If you have lost all or part of your teeth due to tooth decay, injury accident, etc., this is the perfect solution for both aesthetics and health. Dental crowns can strengthen weak areas that are not fully restored by regular dental procedures such as Fillings & queues; they also help improve function which means better oral hygiene!

Why We Would Service Crowns


Dental Implants
The tooth is replaced by a dental implant that grows into place. A midtown Tulsa crown will be attached to the top of it, making you look and feel like your old self again!


Root Canal
Root canals are surgeries that require a tooth to be pulled and repaired. Crowns work best for strengthening teeth after they’ve been badly damaged, which is why we recommend giving us a call if you think your enamel may need some help from our expert dental team!


Damaged Teeth
If you think one of your teeth is already cracked or about to break, don’t hesitate. It’s best not to let any cranks go unchecked because they could be at risk of coming out completely. Then there would be nothing stopping them from feeling the pain as well! If a tooth gets damaged enough before getting fixed (which can take place quickly), it might end up being more expensive in terms of treatment.


Large Cavity 
If there is a cavity in your mouth that’s too large for you to safely fill, we will place crowns. These protectors ensure none of the natural tooth will decline any further and provide relief from the pain associated with cavities!


If you are looking for a way to give your smile an updated look, then ceramic or porcelain crowns can be a perfect choice. Our dentist will help improve its color and shape (whether natural-looking) with this much-needed treatment!

Tulsa Sculpted Smiles Passion


Tulsa Sculpted Smiles is committed to helping our clients with getting the best smile they can. Part of that process is sometimes adding a crown. If this is a necessity for any of our customers we are committed to integrating it into their smile and making it look great! We know this can be a scary and uncomfortable process, but we are passionate about utilizing a crown if needed in order to avoid any further dental intervention. We try to service our clients in-house. Our passion is to serve our clients with quality, comfortability, and convenience. If you are in the Midtown Tulsa area and need a crown, contact us today!